Connecting Supernait 3 and Nd 5 xs2

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Yesterday, I started a thread asking for this forum’s opinion on the ND5 xs2 or Lumin D2. I pulled the trigger on the ND5 xs2 and man am I glad I did.

I do have the following question though, and I apologize because it may sound daft to this forum: I have heard that the ND5 xs2 can be connected to my Supernait 3 via a 3.5 mm cable. My question is what would be the purpose/benefit of doing so? Will turning on the ND5 xs2 from my iPad also automatically turn on the Supernait 3?

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The 3.5mm cable is so your ND5 XS 2 can send instructions to the SN such as changing volume and inputs.

Somewhere in the Naim app settings you can tell the ND5 XS 2 which SN input you are using and that you want the ND5 XS 2 to be able to control the volume.

The SN input setting is important, because if for example you try casting Spotify to your ND5 XS 2, the SN will automatically change inputs to whatever it thinks the ND5 XS 2 is on. A nifty feature - so long as it’s set to the correct input!


Thanks znai. That IS a nifty feature. I guess it saves me a couple of finger taps on the Narc 5.

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So when pairing the SN3 to ND5-XS2 a cable with 3.5mm mono plug at each end should be used?

In Naim app; Under Settings, should ‘system automation’ option be selected, and ‘Preamp Type’ should be ‘Classic’?

This is not mentioned anywhere in the products manuals or at Naim website

Mono or stereo is fine. Select system automation and classic, then select the streamer input, presumably 3. It works really well. On the inputs app screen switch off the SN inputs you don’t want to keep it nice and tidy.


Did that, now can control volume from Naim App. Very nice.

I don’t understand why this feature is not documented in any of the manuals.

Also in Naim App the volume control is hidden, one can see it only when selecting the played title at the bottom of the screen.
A visible volume control in all screen is a nice to have feature to my opinion.

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Blonde, pretty sure you can do that via Naim app using cog and other settings. Not checked but try looking there.

The volume control is only available on the now playing screen, which makes sense because that’s when you might want to alter it.

It’s also available from the Lock Screen by swiping right to show a widget, so it can be reached really easily.

In Ios or Android ?

That’s in iOS. No idea about Android.

There is a setting to enable “Bottom Bar Volume Control”. However, on small screen devices this disappears if you use System Automation as there isn’t enough space for the +/- buttons.
The real problem is that the bottom bar is too small to include core functions that you need ready to access most frequently, and should be resized so that you don’t have to **** about looking for a hidden volume control every time the phone rings.

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So I use a cable between the two, have System Automation ticked on (with Preamp 3) and everything seems fine, volume control works nicely. However in Roon the volume control is fixed, or am I am missing something?

Look in roon settings in the audio section for your device, adjust volume control setting from fixed volume to device.

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Thanks, Volume control is on “Device Volume” but no luck.

Roon cannot see the analogue volume control on a Naim preamp. You’ll need to use the remote, or the Naim app.

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Yes, understood. I recently switched from Nova to Supernait 3/ND5 XS 2 and was hoping for the same experience.

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