Connecting the old with the new - Advice on Connections: Old Classic and New Classic

Looking once more for advice from the community.
2 Questions:

  1. I have a NAC 252 with Supercap and the new Classic NAP 250 (100W). Can I use the XLR cables I got with my NSC222 to connect from the Supercap to the NAP250 (new classic)? I currently use the NAC252 and Supercap connected to my ATC P2 amp.
  2. Can I use the cable/s I got with my NPX300 power supply to connect to my NAIM NDX 2 to improve the NDX 2’s performance?
    Thank you!

You need special cables which your dealer should have advised you.

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Thank you. Is that to connect the NAC 252 to the new classic NAP250?
What about the NPX300 with the NDX2?

No you need new cables for everything, please go back to your dealer and explain what connections you need and they can advise.

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Thanks Robert. Will do

I found the comparability charts online; I think you need a 3 and a 7.

@Richard.Dane would it be possible to put this chart in the FAQ, as it’s a question that comes up repeatedly, and which will become more frequent as people move to the 300 series.

Thank you Robert. Most useful.

It will need to be updated for the full 300 series presumably.

It is all very confusing though. I was pretty sure the xps2 couldn’t power new classic but apparently it can according to the chart. So it’s just the (flat,hi,super) caps that have been made redundant.


The XPS just needs a split Burndy lead I believe.

You can just imagine, in a years time, all the ‘how do I connect my 332’ threads. Just like the endless ‘how do I connect my Hicap’ threads, but more confusing, and there won’t be the possibility of replying with RTFM.

The fundamental question is who was the dealer that sold this kit to Andries without the necessary cables? Clearly there’s an education here that is missing in the dealer network.


Yes, I’ll sort something out later.

I presume the latter, the dealers are learning. I had a home demo scheduled last week for my 252dr with a 250nc, but he had to reschedule for a week because he realized we would need the new connection cables.

Robert, and everyone else that might be reading.
I must clarify.

I had an existing setup:
NDX 2 + NAP300 + NAC252 with supercap. I sold the NAP 300 and replaced it with the ATC P2 Power Amplifier. So my system was the above sans NAP300. The ATC P2 was bought thinking it would be a better match for my ATC SCM40’s (which I can now say it wasn’t).

I also got the New Classic NSC222, NAP250 and NPX300 but I am not using it.
Because I have a Nakamichi tape deck the NAP 252, Supercap is still used for its cassette deck and recording functionality.

So I thought I could perhaps connect my NAC 252 and Supercap to the new NAIM Classic 250 and also see if I can use the NPX300 to upgrade the performance of my NDX 2. I did not ask the dealer here because in my experience they are not exactly responsive. Here (on this community) I can get many more useful and relevant responses and at the same time others could perhaps learn from my experience.

Thank you for everyones responses - this is certainly the best place to get what I need.

Dealers were given demos of New Classic stuff many months ago now. There is absolutely no excuse for them failing to advise customers correctly about basic setup.

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UK, I can’t say, but not necessarily in other countries. NL probably not, as dealership seems to have to deal with the Dutch distributor that is going (or already is, I am not sure) to be run from Poland. Lines are not so clear and short it seems.

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