Connecting to Orbi mesh system

@Kryptos spot on. I used my Orbi exactly in this set-up: wired from system to one of the satellites. In the meantime I have a wire directly to the router and the Orbi just generates Wifi for all other things


Mine does too now, because they’re both operating at 5GHz. I only had the problem during setup. I ended up using an ethernet connection to set up the Mu So QB 2… I also get the Mu So a static address, although I’m not sure if that made any difference.

Wow, these days that can easily be quite a performance limitation leading to lower wifi performance than it should be. I think given that I would be wary of recommending these devices with modern performant wifi networks… useful intel, thanks for sharing.

Yes that works well.

Test how close you can place it though. I found that placement too close to the hifi generated a noisy buzz through the speakers. Waving the Orbi satellite in front of the amp volume control made it loudest. I ended up siting the Orbi about 2m away and there is now no audible interference.

Then you just need to figure out what Ethernet cable to use :slight_smile: if you can brave those waters.

Aside from the discussion whether or not what makes what difference, I got some Bluejeans cat 6a patch cables to wire to the Orbi. They seem to work pretty well and did not cost a fortune.

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Good, yes wifi access points tend to work better when Ethernet connected… I only use wireless uplinks in more remote places with low performance requirements like the patio etc.

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Quick thanks Simon … using Roon have changed the 32bit…render to 24bit … feeding ND555 evaluating over next few days…so far after a quick listen…more open…I will have a full session tomorrow… Cheers!!!

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Can I just check if you set any other configuration on the Orbi in addition to AP mode?


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