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I have just installed Roon for the free 14 day trial. I have quite a large library (105k tracks) which I hace successfully added. I have installed the Core on a Windows 10 64 bit laptop with ethernet connection and can control Roon using the laptop. I have three iOS devices (iPhone 12+, recent iPad, older iPad Pro) and they are all showing the Core by the correct name but after 30 minutes are still trying to connect to the core (red dot and ‘Connecting’). ‘Accept connections from remotes’ is switched on. Very technical answers about networks will go straight over my head.

I would try re-starting the Roon Core on the laptop, and then switching off and on all your iOS devices.

Ensure you have installed the correct version of of the Roon remote software. There are two versions available in the AppStore. 1.8 legacy version which is for the older 1.8 branch and the standard Roon Remote which is for version 2.0 and beyond. The server and remotes need to be for the same version. Also ensure that your Wi-Fi and Roon core on the laptop are on the same network, sometimes wireless networks may use different addresses that are on a different subnet of your network. Roon may not see your core if this is the case. If the Naim app works though this is unlikely to be the issue.

Thanks to davidwilliams and CystalGipsy but it looks like Firewall is the problem. So how do I exempt Roon from McFee Firewall?

You’re probably best googling an answer for adding an application exception for Mcafee - the process will depend on the version of Mcafee that you’re running.

To test that this is the case, you could try disabling the firewall for a brief period to see if Roon works.

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There are two parts that need exceptions in. any firewall. Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe I don’t use software firewalls so sorry don’t know how you configure it.

All sorted. Relatively easy to apply the exclusions. Signed up for a lifetime Roon subscription and very impressed. Need to decide whether to buy a Nucleus. I leave my PC powered on so not sure what additional benefit I would get.

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The Nucleus is a great (if expensive) plug and play solution. I’ve had mine nearly 4 years now with no issues. Plenty of other ways of doing this if you like a bit of DIY.

I picked up a Rock and Roon preloaded fanless solution. Same spec as nucleus plus at 900 quid. No DIY required. Works a treat. Was always getting drop outs with my pretty powerful iMac…so much so I gave up on Roon, but missed the functionality and user experience.
Been 100% reliable with the new box and much faster.

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