Connecting tuner - input signal can not be muted

Sorry - it might be a stupid question.
Just recently installed my forth source - nat 05. sounds perfect!
It came to my my mind that it is the first source that can not be „muted“
If the other ones are not playing (turntable, HDX or my AV receiver) there is no sound. But the tuner is always on air - the radio signal is permanent.
Is this fine with the overall sound, that there is always a signal on this input of my 52?
Could this be negative for the sound.
Do not think so, as Naim has a lot of experience in tuners and pre amps :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for some words.

People have been using Naim tuners with their Naim amplifiers for over 35 years without any problems. Don’t worry.

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So soon!!

You will be fine. Enjoy it.

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Thanks :grinning:
The nat 05 (green led) is very very nice (think you have the Same). Now I only need a better antenna.

Lol… used it only as frame covering object some time :o). Could not use it die to humming - found no correct place.
Now frame is full and quadraspire arrived so I have a save place. Back in radio :slight_smile:

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Its nothing to worry about, the pre-amp input selector buttons operate relays, this disconnects the NAT’s output signal from the pre-amp.
These are located very close to the DIN sockets thereby minimising the possibility of cross talk to next to nothing


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Great news!

You need someone to advise on a new antenna. I have a Yagi and I know HH does too. Someone will be able to help if you say where roughly where you are in the world.

The NAT05 is a lovely tuner. I sold mine because I needed more space on the rack for another box, so bought a 1990 NAT02 instead. You do need a decent aerial in order to get a good strong stereo signal with no hiss. Naim tuners are some of the very best sources of all, and cost so (relatively) little.

I am in HH … : ) stands for Hansestadt Hamburg. I live for rent so it’s hard with an outdoor antenna.

Unfortunately Germany’s FM radio is not the best, DAB has taken over, plus as your domestic situation is problematic. However on the positive side, the FM signals around Hamburg should be good.

Thanks a lot
One question…
I am stuck. Want to delete a preset. Selecting the preset followed by pressing and holding the display button on the remote does not work.
Nothing happens …
What have I done wrong ?

It sounds like you don’t have a manual

Have you pressed the ‘tun’ button first?

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Yess I did. Tried both r-com and narcom. Selected preset in the preset mode and pushed display button longer. Nothing happens

In that case, why not just choose the station you want and add it to the preset, which will replace the station you no longer need.

I just changed a few on mine, all worked as expected, but as I have always done I only used the units front panel buttons

Since I am currently contemplating the purchase of a FM tuner, I am wondering what kind of antenna you are currently using with the NAT05. Being based Berlin, we are probably in a similar situation location-wise.


I use a simple cheap dipole form Oehlbach.

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The display button is not located on the front. Thought this was only located on the remote

You can scan & preset on the front panel.