Connecting Unitiqute2 to NAP 100

For some reason I thought they were connected by a Naim DIN lead, doh! Just get another QED 40 phono lead that currently connects phono stage, or something else?

The 100 has both RCA and 4 pin DIN. Naim generally recommend using DIN where available, so you could get an RCA to DIN. I’m sure an RCA to RCA would be OK too.

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There’s probably one out there, or you can home brew one, but most rca to din leads use a 5 pin din. Personally I’m quite happy with a quality van den hul interconnect rca/rca.

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Thanks both, would this work? It seems specifically for Quad. Seems a bit cheap?

Just get a decent Chord 4-pin DIN to RCA

I believe the pin connections on Quad DIN sockets are not the same as Naim’s, so you need to get the right type. You can buy one from Naim, or cable companies like Chord or Flashback who are familiar with Naim gear.

Ok thanks

I used a chord anthem 2 RCA to 4 pin din, still got it boxed up with my UQ2 that I might use in a 3rd system later this year

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Flashback Sales are very well regarded on this forum for producing Din adapters etc so you can plug things together. I recently got an adapter that enables me to take a RCA to Din interconnect and make it an RCA to RCA

But you don’t need that with UnitiQute to NAP 100, just use RCA

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Doesn’t the benefit of DIN come into play only if both ends use the connectors. With DIN-RCA you have to split the ground again, thus negating DINs advantage in that regard. I would just use an RCA IC and call it a day.

That’s what I did when I had mine. You also need to change the speaker settings in the menu, though I recall the setting isn’t that obvious.

Not necessarily, there are still other advantages conferred by the DIN connector, so even using one on just one end of the i/c where possible is a good idea.


Plus the fact I haven’t seen a DIN connector since i was very young. How very quaint!

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A chap is selling one on Ebay but the 4 pin looks different, no screw collar? Would it still work?
Sorry but never used a DIN lead before!

Hard to say without knowing what it is, but not having the locking ring isn’t a problem in itself. Some people leave the ring loose on purpose.

Ok so went with DIN to RCA from Flashback Sales, really pleased with quality. Changed cheap QED speaker cable to Naca5 at the same time. NAP 100 connected for an hour now, can already tell the difference but expect it needs some more warming up?
‘Big Time’ by Peter Gabriel sounds much beefier than Unitiqute2 on its own, I think my Dynaudios are benefitting from the extra kick.

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