Connecting Unitiserve to Unitiqute?

I used to have the US connected directly to my Wifi router and then connect to it using the UQ over wifi, however since moving the location of the router does not allow for practical placement of the US within proximity. Is it possible to connect the US directly to the UQ? I did try this in the past from memory I used a toslink? cable, but the sound quality seemed to suffer as a result and was not as good as the wifi option. Please advise!

You can do this with a coax cable. Control will only be via the nServe app. The Serve needs to be wired to the network in order to control it.

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Thanks, so if I understand correctly you can control it with the nserve app this way but not the naim app on the unitiqute? I think before when I had it plugged into the wifi hub I used the UQ app to access and play music, so this wouldn’t be possible if connected via a coax?


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Ok, so you can’t actually play music from it through a UQ unless it’s connected to the hub? Cheers.

It needs to be connected to the network for you to be able to use nServe. It may be possible to wire a computer to it and play using the DTC but that’s just a guess.

You may be able to put a wireless bridge between the Unitiserve and your router if you can’t run a cable. This will give you access to the US as a UPnP server controlled via the Naim app rather than using N-Serve.
The old fashioned way to do this would be with an Airport Express, although you may get better WiFi performance with a more current device.

Thanks fellas. So re; the network switch idea presumably I could plug in a network switch next to the system then run an Ethernet cable from that to the US then it would work as before? And the network switch then communicates with the WiFi hub over WiFi?

Just to elaborate on this, so in theory I could plug in a network switch anywhere in the house and just connect the US to it by a cable then use the UQ and Naim app to access the US over WiFi. Is this assumption correct? :thinking:

Yes, if you go wired from Unitiserve to a wireless access point (via a switch) it can connect over a wireless leg back to the router.
It’s worth taking a bit of care choosing a wifi device that’s reliable, and compatible with your router, but it should be a reliable way to connect.

Thanks Chris. So is a switch a wireless access point then or would I need another WiFi extender type device too?

A switch is just a switch, with Ethernet ports to connect devices to your network. You need a ‘wireless access point’ of some sort too.
Some wireless access point devices also have 1 or more Ethernet ports in which case you wouldn’t need a separate switch.

Ok I see, apologies for being so painful to explain it to ha! So if I can one with an Ethernet port I can just use that instead and no need for the switch. I think I have it now cheers!

That’s right. If you’re using a router provided by your ISP they may also be able to sell you a suitable wireless device. Not essential, but it gives you a better chance of the two devices being compatible for trouble free performance. I believe the BT stuff is good in this respect, although I haven’t used it myself.

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Just going back to this of I were to connect it direct would I need a Naim DC1 cable? They are mighty expensive! Could you control it from the Naim app that way or not (I am guessing not). Ta

You would browse and play from the N-Serve app, but that can’t control the Unitiqute volume.
You really don’t need a DC1. It’s a good cable but it’s quite stiff and only comes in one (for me quite unsuitable) length. So mine sits unused, I currently have a Mark Grant HDX1 which works well for me with NDX2/Chord DAC, and I’ve found Gotham’s to work well too.
Remember that both your boxes still require network cables, so adding a direct SPDIF connection makes for one more cable that you could avoid.

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Thanks Chris. My UQ2 currently works over wifi and I use the Naim app to control it, I wish they’d incorporated wifi into the US too but never mind.

You can plug the US in to a wifi AP if you have one near.

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The US can be in any location (and is potentially best kept away from your rack unless you use its SPDIF out) so you can just stick it in any convenient location and wire it to your router. The Qute will find it.

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I see what you mean now guys about connecting it directly. As I said before I had it connected to my router in the old house so know how that works. I just wanted to see if it could be connected and controlled directly but it can’t. It has to be connected to the internet in some way or another. I connected it using an rca and bnc adaptor today via digital 1 and it connected (it said digital locked or something) but there is no way to access the music on it without it being connected to the internet. Would it work as a CD player in this way though if you slot in a cd would it start playing automatically?

With regard to the WAP solution I have another idea. You can buy small travel routers (AP’s) that I could connect the US to and that would then ‘speak’ to the main router so that should work right? In terms of powering it there’s one I’ve seen with a usb socket. Would one of the USB ports on the back of the US be able to power the unit directly when it’s on? I am sure it doesn’t charge it but it should power it right? Thanks again. Ps I’ve added pics of the rear of both units below;