Connecting Unitiserve to Unitiqute?

Also could I add a Bluetooth receiver to the UQ?

You need a network connection to access it via the N-Serve app if playing via a direct Ethernet connection.
You could in theory use a remote, but unlike the HDX, the lack of a screen would obviously make browsing music impossible unless you attach a separate screen.
A WAP connected to the US would be a possible alternative. An Airport Express should work, although there are more modern alternatives.

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Is the usb on the rear of the US powered as I’m thinking of trying to use a TP link nano 300 as a wireless access point and connecting the US to it and then using the usb output on the rear of the serve to power it too. Should work right and they’re about £25.

I would assume that the USB port supplies power, but I’ve never tried it, to be honest.
I once mentioned the idea of taking USB power from a port on my NDX to Phil Harris at Naim and he strongy advised against it on the basis that it might inject all sorts of noise back into the box. Still, I guess you could give it a try. Failing that, a used Airport Express would be a cheap option that would do the same thing, although that would need mains power.

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Thanks Chris.

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