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i have a 300/252/Supercap set up and my 252 is now in for Service. I have the loan of a Supernait as a stopgap (very nice it is too) but i was wondering if i could connect it to the Supercapand the NAP300. If i can what cables do I need please ?
Thanks in advance

Yes, you can use the Supercap to power the pre-amp stage of the Supernait. All you need is a SNAIC5. The NAP300 then takes signal from the Supercap as normal.

many thanks for the response and now I know its feasible. Sorry to be a pain but are you able to tell me which sockets on the Supercap and the Supernait the SNAIC5 connects to please
Many thanks

Power all off. Remove the link plug on the Supernait. Connect the SNAIC5 between the pre-amp OUT on the SN and socket 1 on the Supercap. Then connect the NAP300 to sockets 3 & 4 on the Supercap.

You are a star Richard THANK YOU ! I will let you know how I get on

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SNAIC 5 arrived this morning and all now working thank you! Initially i thought I had a problem THEN i remembered the speakers were still plugged into the SN (Duh!) All part of the learning curve :slight_smile:

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Superb. Well played there. :+1:

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