Connection Chord Mojo/Poly with AUX only to Nait 5si

So, after I first swapped my beloved Uniti Atom for a supposed upgrade in the form of a Nait XS3, but shortly afterwards had to swap it for a Nait 50 because of hum, and also had to give the Nait 50 up because of the well-known imbalance, I’m now here with a new, flawless Nait 5si. Now I’m wondering how best to connect my Chord Mojo 2 + Poly combo to the Nait. It only has AUX inputs. There are DIN to AUX cables from Copper Cables on Ebay for example. Or is an AUX to cinch the better choice?

Thank you for any advice!

DIN connections are recommended by Naim.