Connection from hi-cap dr to supernait 2

I am a bit unsure how to connect the hi-cap to my supernait 2, on the diagram, it looks like there are 2 cables from the hi-cap to the supernait 2, do I need 2 cables, as there is only one cable with the hi-cap

Yes you need a second snaic. The one that comes with the hicap is a 4 pin one, you need a 5 pin one in addition.
(Or it’s the other way round, I can never remember).

As Robert says, you need both cables. The Hicap comes supplied with a SNAIC5. You need to buy a SNAIC4 to use it with the SN2.

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See I always get it the wrong way round!
Ah I know how to remember it; the 5 pin takes the power so that’s the one in the hicap box.


So just to be clear, I need to use 2 cables, SNAIC5 & a SNAIC4

Yep. The SNAIC4 used to come with the DIN4 equipped Power amps.


Thank you both for your helpful advice, much appreciated

If the are any left, it still would… :thinking:


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