Connection from Uniti to Mu-so

Hello all, so advice guidance would be great.
Please excuse my non technical thought process

When using my naim products I mostly use the Naim app on my phone and start any commands with the Uniti

So my issue is connecting my Naim UnitI to my Naim Mu-so in whilst listening to music through my laptop or phone via bluetooth into the uniti.

So initially I had purchased a Arcam I-blink bluetooth device connected to analog input in the Uniti, no problems connecting my laptop and phone to the I-blink and playing through the uniti, now because it’s through the analog input on the Uniti I cannot connect my mu-so in multi room , is that right ? Analog means no multi room? :see_no_evil:

So after seeking some advice from a local hifi shop, recommended was purchasing a bluetooth to digital device to go into a digital input on the uniti would sort that problem out , unfortunately not…

I purchased a IFi audio zen blue V2, connected it to the uniti in the digital 2 input via a optical cable , once again no problems connecting my laptop / phone to the V2 bluetooth and playing music in the uniti digital 2 input … all good but still I have no option connecting up with the Mu-so , no multi room option is coming up on the app…

I thought the digital input on the uniti would let me then connect easily to the Mu-so :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, frustrating

I know that both systems are connected to the same wifi network

I also tried the Mu-so on the digital input with no luck

I know the multi room works perfectly when using I-radio

Phew I hope all the above makes some kind of sense and someone can point me in the right direction , hopefully it’s something simple that I have overlooked…

Very very much looking forward to a reply…

Many many thanks Tone

Welcome to the Naim Forums!

Firstly, can you specify which Uniti and Mu-so you have - is it older generation or current products?

That will let us know your options for multi-room.

Secondly - Bluetooth does not support multi-room streaming; that is not unique to Naim. It is designed as a point to point solution.

There are other options- all of which offer better quality than Bluetooth, too - but we need to know your products to understand which apply to your system.

Hi Clare thanks for your speedy reply.
On the rooms section on the app it reads
Uniti-A99A &
Mu-so Qb-D3Eo

I was advised that bluetooth to digital on the Uniti would solve the multi-room issue


Hi Tone,
Sorry if I wasn’t clear - I mean what generation of product are you running: original Naim Uniti and original Mu-so Qb?

Good morning Clare, thanks for getting back to me
I’m at work for the day now but this is what i can remember,
The Mu-so Qb is 1st generation Serial number 1206020643
The Uniti was purchased new around 2012, i have had a firmware upgrade that included spotify around 5 years ago, serial number of the Uniti is S/NO: 304581

I hope this helps


Hi Tone
What music sources do you use? I ask because Bluetooth is not really the best for sound quality, so perhaps there is a better way for you to use your Naim gear.
The current Uniti range can use multiroom from any input, including analogue, so an upgrade would solve your problem - at a price. There are other workarounds which might work, and which would be much cheaper, such as adding adding an Airport Express or a Chromecast Audio device, but it will depend on where you are getting your music from.

Hello Chris thanks for getting back to me,
Mainly i like to listen to live NTS shows which is a internet radio station, so great for iradio and multiroom, but i also like to listen to archive NTS shows so i have to play them from my NTS app on my phone or computer and bluetooth them to the Uniti via the I-blink bluetooth device to a analog input to the uniti, not good for multiroom. That’s where the problem is, is was advised that a bluetooth to digital input would solve my problem with the multiroom but with no luck.
Is that correct Chris, bluetooth to digital doesn’t work with multiroom with my system ?

If so then yes in the back of my mind i have been thinking about a upgrade, i’ll list below the other sources of music that i play Chris and if there is a product you could please recommend that would work with all the below regarding inputs and MULTIROOM that would be great…

Vinyl - so a phono input is a must
CD’s -
Spotify -
I also have a seperate subwoofer

Many thanks Chris


To reiterate, Bluetooth can’t be multiroomed.

The more modern Naim devices are more flexible - and your Mu-so 1st Generation supports AirPlay 2, so if you’re using an iPhone, you could stream to both your Mu-so and, say, a Uniti Star using that method.

I would suggest you check out the Uniti Star - it gives you everything you need, including phono inputs. Plenty here using a Star with a turntable.

Hi, if you’re an Apple user you could use AirPlay instead of Bluetooth to stream to the Muso. For multiroom buy a used Airport Express on eBay, connect it to the Uniti with an optical cable, and you can then use AirPlay into both streamers, and it has it’s own multiroom built in.
On an Android phone you would be better off with Chromecast, but neither of your streamers support it so you would need to buy a Chromecast Audio puck for each of them. Again, connect them with optical cables.

Another option that might work depending on the app you use is to connect an iPhone to the USB input on the Uniti which gives you access to Naim multiroom, although of course your phone is then wired to it.

Upgrading your streamers to current models would be a good option too if you’re prepared to spend more cash, but as Clare says, it still won’t give you multiroom via Bluetooth.

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Brilliant , thanks Chris and Clare for the info,
I think I’ll try the Airport Express root for now until i save some pennies for a upgrade

One more question, i couldn’t see a optical input on the Airport Express ?

Many thanks


It’s an optical *output * that you’ll want :blush: It’s in the 3.5mm jack socket, which is a combined analogue (headphone) and digital output. So you’ll need a ‘mini Toslink’ jack for than end of the cable and a standard Toslink plug for the Uniti.

Haha , i have no clue :see_no_evil:

Many thanks for that Chris…


Hi Chris me again,
More technical advice if possible please, i’ve just tried connecting my iphone to the USB input on the Uniti, playing itunes works perfectly in multiroom but playing through the NTS app and nothing , not even through the uniti

Maybe there is a setting or something else i am missing ?

Many thanks


Hi Tone
That’s what I meant when I said it might work! On the 1st gen. Unitis like yours Naim when for Apple’s official ‘made for iPhone’ certification rather than AirPlay. What that means is that it was guaranteed to work with iTunes, which was all the rage at the time, and now with Apple Music.
Now that there are a multitude of third party music apps, there’s no guarantee that they will work in the same way. However, you can usually coax them into life by playing something from Apple Music and then, while it’s playing, open the app you actually want to use and start playing from there.

Thanks again for the reply Chris,
I’ll give the coax trickery a try but for a less coax solution you think the Airport Express is the way to go?

Many thanks


The AE is a good solution, although they were discontinued quite some time ago but it’s easy to find a cheap one on eBay. You will then be using Apple’s multiroom rather than Naim’s, and you will be able to select which AirPlay client devices you want to stream to from within any app that supports it, not just Apple Music.

Fab, I’ll give that a try Chris…

Many thanks for the info, much appreciated


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