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If I have a 202, Nap 200, hicap, napsc and a headline. And I want to use the napsc with the 202, and the hicap for the headline amp. Naim have advised to connect the 200 to the hicap (socket 3), and then to use a 4 to 5 pin cable between the hicap socket 2, and the ‘upgrade 2 or link 2’ socket of the 202. The headline is connected to socket 4 of the hicap. Would this work? Would that carry the signal between the 202 and the headline?

Sorry for this rather complicated question.

The Hicap can only power one item , so it’ll either need to be the 202 or the Headline. To use it with the Headline.

Connect NAPSC to Upgrade 1 on the 202.

Connect the 200 to Standard socket on the 202 (keep Link 2 plug in place)

Headline plugs into Hicap via a SLIC lead to Socket 4 on Hicap. This supplies power to the Headline. You then need to plug the captive lead on the Headline into the 202 Tape In/Out socket.

What, instead of the 200 going straight into the 202, it went into socket 3 of the hicap, and then a 4 to 5 pin cable from socket 2 of the hicap into the upgrade/link 2 socket on the 202. Does that make sense?

You cannot do this. It has to be as James says. Have you thought about getting a second Napsc for the Headline and leaving the amp as is?

OK. Thank you. That is what I thought. This is a diagram from Naim. What do you think?

How is the 202 being powered from hicap socket 3? (Clue, it isn’t.)

You’ll either need another NAPSC for the Headline, or, you’ll need to sacrifice the NAPSC on the NAC202 (refit the link plug), or the Hicap on the NAC202 (refit the other link plug, connect the NAP200 directly to the NAC202 via SNAIC 4. Note that for the latter, you’ll then need a SLIC cable to connect the Hicap to power the Headline.

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