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Hi all - I am planning to introduce a 282/hi cap as pre-amp into my 272 / XPS / 250 system - prior to getting an NDX2. Please could someone clarify the cables needed in addition?

To use the 272 with the 282, you’ll need to use the fixed line outs (pre volume control) from the 272 - these are the Line out RCA connections. Use either an RCA to RCA cable or an RCA to DIN cable into the 282.
If you use the RCA inputs on the 282 then you’ll need to make sure the RCA input you use is mapped to the appropriate CD or Aux2 input buttons (see manual).

Other than that it’s a SNAIC5 from the 282 Upgrade 1 socket to Hicap Socket 4. Leave the Link paddle on Upgrade 2 in place. Hicap Socket 3 to 250 via a DIN4 to XLR cable (the same cable as you use now between 272 and 250). The NAPSC just plugs into the 282 NAPSC socket.

James - thanks a lot - I would hate to lose the Din 4 to xlr as its a super lumina… got a great second hand deal. Good news is that I have some good quality RCA-RCA cables I can use.



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Alternatively get the NDX2 first and add a 282 later. This is a simple addition of one box connected to a 272 analogue input rather than adding the 3 box 282, which might be easier to do when you lose the 272.

Thanks - I found a good used 282 and hicap dr - so going that route. Cheers J

Yes, get it when you can. Probably easier to find than an NDX2 right now.

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