Connection issues Muso QB2

So I’ve had my QB2 a while. All fine. Recently, when I haven’t used it for a day or so, I cannot find the device on my network. The rear network light is purple. If I unplug for a while and then switch it back on the light goes back to white and the device is discoverable again.
Any ideas what I can do to stop this??

Sounds like it’s losing the connection with your wi-fi.
This usually happens when the Muso is sitting in a borderline signal location, almost on the fringe of where it can work 100% of the time.
If possible try it located close to your router / wifi.
If it works reliably for a few days, you’ll need to improve your system.
If it still doesn’t work close to your wifi router, you’ll need to make changes to your system.
Better still (usually) a wired connection will normally be more reliable.

Try turning your phone off and on next time. Works for me.

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