Connection problems with Mu-So 2

I have a new Naim Mu-So 2nd generation connected via HDMI cable (HDMI ARC port) to an LG OLED55C8PLA TV. The speaker works fine for about 25 minutes and then switches itself off. The sleep timer appears to be off on both the speaker and the TV. Also, I have trouble connecting to the speaker via Bluetooth from my laptop - sometimes it work, but mostly it doesn’t. And I can’t connect at all to Internet radio, although it worked fine in that mode before I connected the TV! I’m clearly doing one or more things wrong - can anyone help, please? For some reason the Naim website doesn’t seem to offer a manual for the 2nd gen.

The ‘auto standby’ is set by default to 20 minutes, so I’m guessing that this is kicking in when it shouldn’t. Have you tried setting it to a longer time, or to ‘never’?

Thanks - it says the sleep timer is off. There’s no “none” setting but I’ll try setting it to two hours and see what happens.

You need to go to Other settings > Auto Standby, not Sleep timer.

Okay - went there, hit Never, and we’ll see how it works now. Thanks very much.

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