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I am probably being a bit lazy or impatient but a quick connection question. I am the lucky one who got Dunc’s Morgana’s. I have a 252 a Super cap and 300 DR which are relatively new to me so don’t know the connections inside out. My kit is under a shelf and close to a wall so hard to get at. Trying to make the connections without actually seeing them.I now know there is a left and right (Thanks Duncan) So can the Din To XLR only fit one way? if it fits home is that the only way to fit or can they go in a pin out? Can get the left channel to work but not the right.
Also Same question but this time on the connection to the CD player. 4 Pin Din to the last connection on the left when viewed from the rear. Had been using RCA and first time to use the Din to RCA, Connected RCA to Phono and that works on Left channel.And while I am asking which 4 pin Din does one connect to Phono.
Thanks in Advance

I wouldn’t try it blind… I managed to take out an Audio Vois preamp power supply by getting a 5 pin din in upside down…

The two DIN to XLR leads are interchangeable in that they’ll fit in both / either combinations as mechanically they’re the same. You’ll only get sound if they’re in the correct channel though, as you rightly noted.

I suggest you get the manuals out and get to understand what goes where. You need to develop your own knowledge and be able to do this without asking on the forum. It’s really very simple. It’s like being able to put the washing on without phoning your mum.

My wife doesn’t trust me to use the washing machine I’m okay with this.

Now thats Funny :joy: :joy: :joy:

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