Connection quickie: Headline 2 to SN3?

Because I’m a numpty, what socket on the back of SN3 is best for Headline? HL manual says ‘socket 4 or 5’…Stumped, as I usually am with connections!

Tried the Naim connections manual but couldn’t see Headline at all.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Assuming it’s a standard DIN Headline, you’re looking for the “Out”, so either AV In/Out or Stream In/Out should be fine.

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Bless you Richard!

Many thanks.

Sorry to be a pain. Sound only on one channel ® in both Stream and Aux. Get both channels if I pull the phone jack out a bit, but thin sound. I think I may have bought a turkey, so it’ll go back if there’s not an obvious fix I’m missing. Any ideas, Richard?

Is this a new or used Headline?

It does sound like one channel is out. Question is, is it the Headline (or attached i/c) or is it the Supernait 3? Or, is it the headphones? Re. the latter, check that any detachable cabling is properly pushed home. I had a similar thing with my Senn HD600s. Turned out I had slightly pulled out the connector on one side so it no longer worked. An easy fix, but scared me for a moment!

Do you have a recorder like a cassette player or similar you can connect to check the Supernait? That would at least rule it out.


Thanks Richard.
It’s a used HL, seller put a ‘checked’ sticker on the box, but I don’t place much value in that - could have been a just visual once-over.

I’ll check connections for sure. Sadly, I don’t have another means like a tape player of testing the SN3, which seems OK in all its other connections.

Checked with my other Audeze, same thing - unless I pull the jack out slightly, but SQ is only so-so…

I’ll play around a bit before packing it up to return.

One channel went out completely on my SN3 and another one on this forum. Be sure to verify that this is not the problem for you too.

Thanks @Slamdam. Yes, I’d read your posts (hope it’s all fixed now btw)…I had a similar thing but it turned out that one of my stylus connections wasn’t quite tight apparently - haven’t had the problem since I tightened it so I’ve assumed it wasn’t the SN3 :crossed_fingers:

This one channel seems only to be when using the Headline, the SN3 h/phone out is fine. Think I just bought a dud HL…

@steviebee, did you already compare those two headphone amps (SN3 vs HL) ?

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Almost got there, but the used HLine I bought was faulty so is now refunded. The 2 channel sound I managed to get out of it was not great, but it was obviously not at all well. Staying with the SN3 hp out for awhile, may try another HL in future…

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I have compared HL2 vs SN2 and to me HL2 isn’t better… not at all.

I’d thought of adding a HL to the SN2, but have found adding the Superlumina interconnect from the NDX2 and having Powerlines across the system with power supplies has improved the headphone performance that I’m sticking with the SN2. Network upgrades also helped.


This is why I’m thinking “may” try again. May not, as essentially I’m pleased with the SN3 h/p out.


Yes, It’s definitely worth a try and If you will do, please share your opinion/experience.

If I find another HL at a good price… :slight_smile:

(In fully working condition!)

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Ok - so as a bit of a novice here - advice please …
Just bought a s/h Headline - ( yet to to even ask about headphone recommendations -) but I do need to know what cable / output I can use from one or the other SuperCaps ( one feeding my 52 and the other feeding the Snaxo) also - which one to use -if it makes a difference -
Awaiting an educated answer and guidance - thanks vm

Neither. A Supercap should only ever power one item at a time. You risk impairing overall performance and over-stressing regulators by trying to power a Headline at the same time from either Supercap.

The Headline requires its own power supply, either an i-Supply (H), NAPSC, Hicap or Supercap.

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