Is bare wire better a connection for speaker over banana or spade.

Naim Audios own plugs are effectively Banana Plugs. Does that answer your question…?


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Bare wire is OK but can degrade with both oxidisation and/or wire loose strand issues.
Spades can & do become loose
Banana’s are overall the best for speaker & amp end connections, plus so easy to use when a disconnect is needed
Don’t mix dissimilar metals; use nickel cable terminals into nickel amp & speaker terminals, or gold into gold,
And finally, solder on bare wire, banana’s or spades is best, unsoldered bare wire & screws is all BS so far as speaker cable is concerned, plus solder helps with oxidisation.

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That’s solder instead of crimp barrel.

It maybe that a crimp does make a marginally better connection, but over time with the potential for oxidation, & the possible (maybe) tiny reduction in connection resistance, in speaker connection terms, it’s solder is best every time

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My atlas cable have a crimp done by factory and the speaker cable started to Shear at the bottom of the crimp and 2 fell away so I think will take the crimp off and put solder on the wire instead.

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