Connections nac52/supercap x 2-snaxo24

not sure if my previous was sent so here again, I am attempting to connect a 52 to 2 x supercaps and a snaxo 24 so far I have connected from the 52 a burndy and a 5pin to #1 supercap then from #1 supercap a 5pin to the #2 supercap ; from #2 supercap a 5pin to snaxo + burndy. then 4 pins to xlr’s on ap 250’s any help please so far nothing working !

You connect Supercap 1 to the NAC52 via the Burndy and SNAIC5. Then take pre-amp signal from Supercap 1 (DIN4) to Supercap 2 (DIN4) via SNAIC4. Then connect Supercap 2 to SNAXO via SNAXO Burndy Then connect the NAP250s to the relevant outputs on the SNAXO 2-4, ensuring you get them the correct way around - you don’t want to be feeding mid/bass signals through the tweeters!

n.b. Do make sure the SNAXO 2-4 is standard and not modified to 242 layout.

hi, thank you but still not working I am unaware if the 2-4 has been modified to 242 [bought 2nd hand ] any other suggestions ??

Do the NAC52, Supercap and each NAP250 work OK passively?

I have previously used the same system with nac72 hicap x2 snaxo with ‘bung’ inserted and everything fine I guess it’s possible that either of the supercaps are faulty ? the 52 has been recently serviced but with my connecting probably incorrectly something may have blown ?
I did put a 5 pin between the 2nd supercap and the snaxo which I don’t think it liked that !

If you had the Burndy connected at the same time and the Supercap was powered up then yes, that may have caused some damage.

I would set it all up passively. That way you can then check through the items that are all working OK and cross them off the suspect list. Then you can focus on the items that are unknowns.

I have re connected the 72/hicap/snaxo/hicap and that’s working so looks like either a supercap or both are not functioning ! more expense !! thanks for your help

What about the NAC52? Try it with each Supercap in place of the NAC72/Hicap. You’ll soon find which item has the problem.

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