Connections to nac282

Can I connect an external blu-ray player (such as I would connect to a pc/laptop) to one of my nac282 inputs. I want to play “pure blu-ray” discs through my naim system

You can so long as the Blu-ray player has an analogue output, and you have the required interconnect.

If you are referring to a Blu-ray drive for a PC or Mac, then you need the PC or Mac in order for the drive to operate and to you would then take an analogue signal out from the PC or Mac’s sound card or better, a dedicated USB DAC.

Hi Richard. Ah of course the drive needs an external power supply, that would be easier than connecting via a laptop I think. Just then need the right analogue lead into the 282, presumably the aux2 inputs will work, as I have the cd inputs already full with a sacd player

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