Considering Naim Streamer for non-Naim system

Is it heresy? I’m a former Superuniti / 250 and UnitiQute / 100 owner. Im now back in the fold with a Muso 2 Wood Edition, used mainly by my wife in the living area.

My dedicated system is a Pathos Classic One Mk III integrated, powering Audio Physic Tempo 35 speakers (neither up for being changed). I’m looking at many Streaming and DAC options, one consideration being ND5 XS2 or NDX2. Actually I’d consider Atom HE if it had a fixed output option.

Im thinking there probably aren’t many people on here partnering a Naim Streamer / DAC with non-Naim amplification?

If you can I just think you need to demo one.

Ignore the Uniti series as they all have variable line out (even though my Nova does a great job to a proper Naim pre).

I’d probably go for a demo of the ND5 XS 2 or NDX 2 unless you have higher aspirations, and go with stock Naim analogue out for now. In due course yuo could explore Naim/nonNaim DACs and for the NDX 2 an external PSU.


Not sure if the NDX2 etc might be overkill, though I suspect that the system would be capable of resolving the improvements. I’m on the island of Madeira, so not as easy as being in the U.K.

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I use an NDX2 into Chord amplification, which replaced my previous 282/250. However, I use the digital output of the NDX2 into a Chord DAC which also functions as the preamp, so a rather different approach to the way Naim systems work. Still, the NDX2 is an excellent source.


Most affordable & flexible option is an AirPort Extreme sending optical to a DAC … it’s how I run Tidal into the 5italic.

Tough to beat at any price ATMO.


Yes, though Airport production is discontinued. Apple still supports AirPort Extreme at present. Mine continues to work well.


Do you mean Airport Express??? (Also discontinued)

Just for further context, I already have a Lindemann Limetree Network snd a Mytek Brooklyn Bridge. These are both very good performers. They formed part of my compact system with Mytek Brooklyn Amps and Boenicke W5SE speakers, all brought out in hand luggage when we moved out here, to be used in our small rented apartment. I am now in the process of building a more permanent system in our new house.

Yes; Express. Apple TV will work too

I run the same as @ChrisSU. I find the NDX2 a great digital streamer … and love its display … a real boon when streaming without having to consult a wretched iPad.

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Streaming and streamers are changing 1 to 2 times per year or more, i will look for something that update firmware through Internet


I agree, but then Roon is updated frequently

Update… can confirm an Apple TV works well too.

apple tv does resampling of airplay (regardless of original sample rate) to 48 KHZ. not ideal at all for music.

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My own system was CD Primare with old french ampli Euphya. I bought my NDX2 to start with digital and streaming and now my CD is connected in digital SPDIF to the NDX2 to make use of its better DAC + the NDX2 goes to my Euphya in analogic. Sound is great !

I guess you have met Mr Choukroun then? , the hifi guru from Paris, as he was or is still the main Euphya dealer.

Exactly my Dear @frenchrooster ! First the french review Diapason, then Mr Choukroun :wink: And Mulidine speakers too. All these materials are very compatible with Naim products.

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Good memories….a long time I haven’t seen him. He sells Naim too. I bought the Ear 912 at his shop.

I raised that with Apple many times.

Only AppleTV 1 output at 16/44.1, all later models upsampled to 48 kHz. Th older AppleTVs (1-3)are still useful as they have optical out but I never liked the upsampling as it seemed pointless to upsample the bitrate by a non-integer factor.