Contact cleaner for plugs

Which cleaning agent do people recommend for cleaning the plugs and sockets of their equipment and where do you purchase it from?

Cheers, Steve

Naim do not - strongly suggest don’t - recommend any cleaning agent for DIN or RCA plug/socket connections; the DIN plugs are self cleaning wipe contacts, one or two (only) pull/push (in & out) once or twice a year is all thats needed.
I use DeoxIT on power plugs & sockets when new, that seems to last a long long time. I don’t see any point in cleaning tarnished power plug pins as the same tarnish can’t be removed in the sockets - that’s why I squirt DeoxIT into them when new.

I prefer plug and reply, but used to hate it with a big box count system as took a while to come back on song, especially if I decided to do some Mana glass ringing checks.

A dealer keeps pushing me to try a cleaner from Acoustic Revive.

I just ordered another two MCRU silver unswitched double wall sockets, as the old ones were fitted a few years ago and are probably tarnished somewhat inside their jaws and the terminations. At £60 for both and an hour or so fitting, not so bad. I use the kontak audio cleaner and usually order it from amazon or look around the online stores of dealers at £20. If the top is kept screwed tight should last a couple of years.

I use servisol contact cleaner …occasionally

I use pure isopropyl alcohol for electronics stuff generally, but not the DIN sockets.

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