Contact to Naim servicing department

tMy supercap I have my supercap on a hopefully fast dr upgrade at Naim. Due to misunderstandings when it was originally at Naim only a recap was done. The plan as we understood it was that the dr part that I have paid for could be done fast and sent directly back not waiting shipment to the Danish distributor. However my dealer has had a hard time being able to get any status on the dr upgrade from Naim. Is there any more or less secret way to contact whoever is in charge of repairs at hQ?

No secret to getting in touch with Naim support, but any contact here is best done between your dealer or distributor and Naim - circumventing that will doubtless create confusion and possibly more issues. If your dealer is having difficulty then best get in touch with your distributor, who I know will be able to sort things out to your satisfaction.

All this has been tried I am sure, rather I am told since this is of course the obvious way to keep in contact with Naim. I will ask again Monday and see if communication lines has been improved over the last week.

My dealer, in the U.K., is also having a few issues with Naim at the moment. I am not sure what issues there are at Naim, but I suspect they are related to COVID-19, homeworking, supply issues and just changes to the way things are organised. I am trying to be patient because people’s safety and well-being is the most important thing, but I understand how frustrating it can be.
Of course, as always, Richard’s advice is the best and Naim always work through their dealers and distributors, any other way would get even more confusing, at a very confusing time.
Hope you get your HiCap sorted soon. I have been waiting nearly 2 months for a new HiCap.

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