Contacting fellow members?

Hi, as a fellow Naim forum member, I’m looking to contact someone who has the same Amp & desire to upgrade/match a new TT into current set up. How do I contact them as their created topic (which I’m interested in now) is closed? Thanks, SgtRock04 & apologies if this isn’t the correct place to ask this query

There’s no private messaging on here. If you want to start a thread and invite a specific member to comment just put @ before their username and they will be notified that you mentioned them. For example, @SgtRock04

You could use this @SgtRock04 with @ followed by the forum members tag.

Richard You beat me to it by seconds I guess!

Thanks Guys! I appreciate the help & maybe you have some suggestions? Nait XS 2, Vandersteen C2e speakers, Lehmann Black Cube phono pre, looking to upgrade TT that is currently Project Debut Carbon w/Blue Ortofon cartridge? Thanks, SgtRock04/Dean

You should start a thread in the Hifi Corner, stating your system and budget and asking for ideas.

Ok great suggestion HH, I’m grateful for your input & not sure if you were following my previous update Nait XS 2 & HiCap DR but, one dealer agreed with you & our members here about source 1st. He advocates system maximization before spending big $$. SgtRock/Dean

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