Contemplating buying a nac 252, need advice

It’s a 200 and you are quite right😊. I’ve been trying to sell my ND5xs and ndx to up the game on the front end but to no avail. They seem rather difficult to sell these days. One dealer offered me a ND5xs2 for my 2 players plus an additional 700€. I didn’t go for that for two reasons. 1 don’t know if the nd5xs2 is good enough (can’t hear it) and 2 didn’t think the cost was reasonable. I might be wrong though. However thinking as I am about a step up or two in the nac department I probably should consider the ndx2 so I stay kind of balanced. So the best upgrade path as of now seems to be the one you suggested HH

Those Spendors look like a lot of speaker to be driven by a 200. I can’t help thinking that NDX, XPSDR, 282, Hicap DR and 250DR would be so much better that what you are contemplating.


I think you are right

Upgrading from 200 to 250 is a great move in my books, but first, you need a better preamp. Perhaps you should make a very cheeky offer to this seller for all of his system, then you will be sorted for good!


Hahaha. Yeah that would be nice. He is asking 13550€ for the lot. That would be a fraim, cds3, 555ps, nac 252, supercap and nap300. Sweet system. Many euros😊

@Lucifer 252/300DR is a stunning set up I’m finished, yes I know famous last words…


Yes, it’s a lot of money, but you can sell quite a lot of gear to reduce the cost, and perhaps the seller will reduce the price a little if you make it easy for him by buying everything.
Do remember that old Naim gear may need a service and recap, though, which will cost more money when it is around 10 years old.


It’s a lot of money but actually good value…


I think the servicing thing is way overblown on here. It’s become an obsession.

If I were Lucifer, I’d grab hold of as many of the bits he can afford from the seller as it’ll be big jump over what he has now and cost him far less in the long run smaller upgrades. The servicing thing can wait IMO. A long time.


That just might be a good idea also. I try not to be reckless with funds and live by the motto: vfm and possibility of return. When it comes to these things it’s very difficult to do the math and figure out just how reckless a spending this might turn out to be. Maybe my approach is somewhat weird but when one has the opportunity and possibility to spend this kind of money I find it wise to think about for instance how difficult will it be to sell the gear I have now? It just strikes me as reckless behavior to have two systems when they are not needed​:grin::grimacing:

My down on hand and knees, and shift one or both of stacks slightly wider, plus yours of purchase of nice pot plant to stick in the gap easily the low cost solution here :wink::joy:

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Pulled them apart and put a tiny plant inbetween😁. Now one of the snaics is off the floor.


Total expenditure so far, I’m guessing about $10 :sweat_smile::rofl:

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Total expenditure €0 :smile:

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I just got a price for nac252, supercap, 555ps, NAP300, fraim with one base and five shelves. €8400. I think that’s a really good price and said yes. However the nac and NAP are reserved. I wonder what his response will be

New it would be €37000

Now if I buy this, what kind of changes in sound could be expected? Source would be ndx with 555ps for now

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@Lucifer the first word I would use is dramatic!

having moved the the NAIM pre’s 202,282 then 252 and NAP 200 and then 300 to 300DR, the focus music and delivery of the music is on another level - I found in all my Demos the NDX with 555 PSU is a superb source and more over still is

for me the 252/300 as an absolute sweet spot in the NAIM raise as you should expect for the money outlay


I don’t see any obsession in this thread. The gear either needs a service, or it doesn’t yet, and the OP should be aware that there is a cost involved

Not this thread exactly but overall there is a ‘service’ theme that runs with older NaIm equipment.

Probably because Naim recommend this at specified intervals if the equipment is perform at its best. Of course they only design and build them so they should know - but perhaps you know better?

Unfortunately he had missunderstood me and thought I bought everything except the 300 so we didn’t agree. A well I’ll continue enjoying my 2-series😊