Contemplating Upgrades

I understand exactly what you mean.

Adding a second PS555DR to the ND555 has shown me both its incredible potential and some limitations.

I still think a second ND555 is a must. I loved the ND555 with this additional PS.

But… yes, it loses some, just a bit, of its fluidity. Or rather, you see what was masked with a single PS…

It’s hard to notice that without a direct comparison, in your own environment, and without external bias.

I was lucky enough to be able to compare, at home, with my speakers, my room etc., with the Soulution 760/711 set.

And, quite clearly, one of the areas where the Soulution 760 outperforms the ND555 is in its ability to provide a lot of detail while remaining smooth and fluid.

So yes, IMO, when you add a second PS you lose a little bit of fluidity (or you notice the lack of it) but you hear so much more, especially the recording venue, which is something I enjoy. It brings great realism to the music. Especially classical music.

For me, the second PS was a revelation. Loved it! :star_struck:

The ND555 with dual PS is an outstanding streamer!

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@anon4489532 I agree with you on this completely. I do continue to purchase music (mostly vinyl) here and there. I’ve purchased quite a bit of signed posters, albums, and other merch items as well though. During the height of the pandemic, some artists offered up signed items to help support band members, touring crew, etc. Some continue to do so which is really cool.

I used to have an HDX and ripped CD’s onto my computer and then onto a USB stick which worked well with that device. I’ve done a bit of the same but have never invested in true server. Seems like Melco is the hot ticket item here but I haven’t spent much time looking into these.


Without going down the route of cables, power this and that, more expensive black boxes, etc… can I suggest a speaker upgrade, room correction and some room treatment.

Over 90% of the sonic quality is determined by the speaker-room interaction. This will give you biggest thermonuclear sized bang for your buck.

All the best.

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I think i would be looking at speaker’s first, as this will certainly bring the best valve for money outlay on your system.

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