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I wanted to share this record with the rest of you Jazz fans but it’s not London, Uk based so decided to open a thread dedicated to Contemporary meaning new Jazz music say from the past couple of years up until today and into the future. Please post a small description along with the titles you share.

Unfortunately the following record isn’t available on vinyl so it’s streaming or CD only.

The following is taken from their Bandcamp page,

"With roots in Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Iceland, Copenhagen-based bassist Richard Andersson brings together legendary drummer and ECM recording artist Jorge Rossy with in-demand guitarist Per Møllehøj for “Inviting”, a true homage to the giants of jazz out August 12th.

Turning to music aged 14 after a firework accident left him blind, he found his way into jazz first through Keith Jarrett and, later, the live recordings of pianist Brad Mehldau."

Per Møllehøj, Richard Andersson, Jorge Rossy - Inviting, Hobby Horse Records (2022)


Richard Anderson also released a solo record ‘U - Synlig’ last year just him and his Bass which sounds amazing unfortunately the vinyl is £47 so not really viable but the stream sounds plenty good enough.

Anne Efternøler & Lige Børn - Anne Efternøler & Lige Børn, Hobby Horse Records (2022)

Continuing on with more Scandinavian Jazz also on Hobby Horse Records, also recorded by
John Fomsgaard and also featuring Richard Anderson on Bass and also featuring American Bassist Thomas Morgan.

A very good record ever so partially spoilt for me personally by Anne Efternøler’s strange trumpet sounds but only in a Keith Jarret noises type of way. It’s probably some incredibly innovative way of playing and I’m as usual being a bit of a Philistine but other than that there are some really beautiful passages.

Oded Tzur - Isabela, ECM (2022)

Another exceptional sounding record that I am only streaming but intending to buy on vinyl someday.

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New Jazz label Clonmell Jazz Social.

‘Nurture The Child / Challenge The Adult’ features immersive and thought-provoking original contemporary jazz by a quartet of highly acclaimed musicians, led by guitarist Harry Christelis. Due out on 17th Feb 2023 on LP, CD and digital formats via new label, Clonmell Jazz Social.

I have a Dave Storey record ‘Bosco’ on the excellent Impossible Ark Records also featuring James Allsopp.

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Also like this one:

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paru le 18 novembre 2022

Joe Sorcic - drum kit
Kris Nickeson - guitar
Brendan O’Donoghue - bass
Jon Wirtz - organ / clavichord
Wesley Davis - trumpet / synth

I love that album. It’s a bit in the Miles Davis electric jazz from debut 80’s.
Not to listen late night….

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Makaya McCraven (drums)
Marquis Hill (trumpet)
Jeff Parker (guitar)
Darryl Jones (bass)
Greg Spero (piano)

Difficult to describe. Maybe contemporary jazz funk fusion. It gets in my stomach. And hypnotises me.


Very pleasant guitar trio, Bob. Good sound too on Qobuz.

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Nice one, I saw Joel Ross jam after a show with James Francies a couple of months ago, a very talented musician.


You are lucky. I have only seen Darryl Jones, several times, with Miles Davis and also Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters 2. What a bassist !

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Lucky you! He also plays on Steps Ahead Live in Tokyo, an album I hope they one time issue on vinyl.


My favourite track of 2022. Psychic Temple, Music for bus stops. Produced and arranged by Chris Shlarb, California.

Tabor Allen - drums
Philip Glenn - Hammond organ
Danny T. Levin - trombonium, euphonium, marching baritone, valve trombone
Paul Masvidal - electric guitar
Curt Oren - baritone saxophone
Cathlene Pineda - Wurlitzer electric piano
Sheridan Riley - drums & percussion
Chris Schlarb - electric guitar
Kris Tiner - trumpet
David Tranchina - double bass
Mike Watt - electric bass

The cherry on the cake is the solo guitar at 3/4 of the track.


Isn’t annoying when you’re late to the party with a band and all of their vinyl releases are already fetching silly money. Okvsho two brothers from Switzerland are one such band I’ll have to slum it on Tidal until some represses appear.

Here is their last EP from 2021.

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Brendan Eder Ensemble - Cape Cod Cottage, Worried Songs Records (2021)

Simple, minimalist laid back Jazz by LA based drummer Brendan Eder.

Brendan has a new record out called Therapy recorded in a church lots of woodwind instruments and again very laid back including a lovely cover of Aphex Twin’s Rhubarb.

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