Continuing problems with my Nova


Ever since taking delivery of my Nova 11 months ago, I have had continuing problems and would like to ask if any forum members are also having the same problems.

  1. When I try to play an an album from my NAS or Tidal HiFi THE Nova will play the first track then miss tracks on the album, sometimes only playing the first and last track of an album. This problem is intermittent.

  2. The sound from the Nova will suddenly disappear as it I had turned the volume down to a low level then slowly come back. This is also intermittent. This happened a lot the first couple of months then only happened intermittently until the 3.2 upgrade, the problem has been happening a lot the sine the software upgrade to 3.2.

The Nova will be going back to Naim tomorrow, hopefully they can find the problem.


Sounds like a dodgy unit, I’m on my third if it makes you feel better!

Seriously you are on your 3rd unit?


Nova now on it’s way back to Naim, will keep you updated when i get it back.


There people on here that are on their 5th no idea why anybody would persist past a 2nd unit except for blind loyalty. If it fails once then fair enough get it replaced, more than that and there is something seriously wrong with the product. I am on my 2nd Atom

I on on my 5th all fine, if it was any other brand I would not have bothered.

Ody I went through a very flaky period streaming Tidal, then all fine since then.

Fifth ? - what happened to the previous four Novas ?? Just curious as a colleague asked me today whether i’d recommend one. SQ and looks yes, but reliability ?

They will of course be sent to the next customer. As I said, I have received from Musicline via the dealer a 1 year old (definetly used) Nova and immediately complained. What a fraud! These are probably such supposedly defective devices. On this Nova the display remains dark several times a day.

I do not have any problems with my new Nova from 2019. But so slowly a hysteria begins here. I’m a little bit tired of hearing the same thing every day like “Display froozen this morning”.

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It would be interesting to know how many are faulty, some of these numbers aren’t flash, for reputation or profit. Mine has been fine, but I don’t think I’d have stayed with the brand for 5.

I’m on my second, the first one went up in smoke!


My Atom’s display also froze this morning :smile:

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My friend is on the 4th Atom, because of well-known reasons – random sound quality changes.

The reason he didn‘t go to another brand because it is impossible to get refund from Naim. To replace Unit – no problem at all. Dealer claims that everything is OK with unit. Naim claims that everything is OK with unit. Nobody wants to return money back. They all say that the problem is on user’s side. And if you want we can give you new unit, that’s all. I’m also on my second unit. I didn’t go for the third, because I’m sure random SQ changes will remain on new unit also.

And to prove this problem by law is impossible. Because there are no devices which could capture sound quality differences.

i don’t think its hysteria, i am trying to get a handle on how many units have this issues and urge everyone to raise the issues with naim (i have) so they can understated the different situation/ networks so maybe they can develop a patch

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They may patch it and likely create a whole new bug when they do. Can’t say I have much faith in the software side of the business at all, QA needs to be strongly improved.

Just for balance, I got mine as soon as they were launched and it has worked perfectly ever since. Not denying other people’s problems but some people are implying they are all faulty and that isn’t the case.

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Unitis have incredible huge amount of quality complaints. I haven’t heard of any other hi-end product with so many complaints. This is the reason why it makes people think that all Unitis are faulty. I also think that they all have serious circuit design flaw.

If some people replace 5 Novas (or Atoms) in a raw and get the same problem, it can’t be occasional flaw. Statistically it would be impossible…


Where are you getting your information from? I’m not a Naim ‘fan boy’ but I do prefer actual statistics and factually accurate claims to generalised,unsubstantiated statements.

Why dont you publish sales figures for the new Uniti range, together with numbers of faulty units reported?

Timmo, almost all people here are extremely experienced in hi-end. Some of them have 5-10-20, even 40 years deep experience. Some of them, including me, had several audio systems in their lives. Some of them had even more. They all, including me, read forums and speak with people from audio industry, including dealers of different brands. They communicate with each other lively and in internet forums, including this forum. Dissatisfaction does not come from nowhere. There is a clear reason for that. And it is not dictated by official sales statistics, but by experience of such people.

Even taking “only” this forum, I counted ~30 unsatisfied users of Unitis. Even being an inexperienced mathematician you can understand approximate amount of this problem.

And I assume you do not have any of Uniti players, right? If yes, forgive me for my rudeness, but you are not right person to talk about this problem at all. I do not speak about NDXs nd555s and other Naim products, because I have no experience about them. My opinion is completely neutral considering these products.

If your car has 5 (the same) consecutive failures, is it coincidence? If your friend has the same car and it also has exactly the same 5 consecutive failures, is it also coincidence? And if 10-20 other people complains with the same consecutive failures? Would you buy the same car again? I want to say, that there are some events (like example with car) after which statistics are not required. Everything becomes clear without statistics. This car model is problematic. The same with Unitis.

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I think a relevant point to make is people tend to say less, if at all, when things are OK, if there is a problem naturally they will shout out.
I don’t doubt there are issues with the new Uniti’s, personally I had issues with the old ones, the Unitiserve in particular, but statistically it may not be as big as you think.
For the record I run two Novas, both from new, no problems so far over the last 18 months ( Hope I’m not tempting fate )

Yes, there are people who are very happy with Unitis. And that is great :). But I think this does not prove that they are ok. It could be system dependent problem.

Considering random SQ changes (problem reported by many people), I’ve noticed that SQ has tendency to improve when listening to music very loudly (i wrote about that in another post). Some people have low sensitivity speakers (~86dB). And in such cases this problem is masked. It is not noticeable anymore, because Uniti is working at much higher wattage. And it is only one of possible situations.