Control SN3 volume via Cambridge CXN

I’ve got a Cambridge CXN v1 running ROON (Airplay) and wondered if it was possible to control the volume via the CXN or any other method?

The remote for my SN3 is still wrapped up with the box as, bearing in mind it stays on the same STREAM input and never gets turned off, I thought it was pointless unwrapping it.

try a learning remote for both - fire existing remotes at the learning one, store the codes in appropriate button-marked locations, and you should be away… (if it’s IR)…

Neither Roon nor AirPlay can access the Supernait colume control as it uses a good old fashioned analogue volume pot. There may be a workaround solution using a Harmony remote or something.
If the streamer has a digital colume control you may be able to use that instead, although it can affect sound quality.

I’ve got a Harmony remote. The problem is whenever I change the volume on my Arcam AVR it also changes the volume on the SN3. So I’ll be watching a movie and then I look at the SN3 and the volume pot is at past 12 which would be very interesting if I accidentally streamed something at that volume.

I moved my Harmony Hub / IR blasters so they are no longer in line-of-sight to the SN3 to fix that issue.

Maybe I just need to get the NAIM remote out.

I think you can change the IR code so that the remote doesn’t work with two devices at the same time.

I was able to change the code set on my Arcam AVR600 to avoid this issue, was explained in the Arcam manual.

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Managed to change the Arcam AVR and Arcam remote to =remote code 19 which has solved the issue.

This issue I have now is that my Logitech Harmony Hub is still programmed to =remote code 16 for the Arcam and now won’t work. I’ve also spent the last 15-mins trying to get the Harmony Hub to ‘learn’ the new code 19’s (from the Arcam remote) but the Hub refuses to recognise any of the buttons.

Hopefully someone who knows the harmony will be able to advise. In my case I use the Arcam remotes capability to control my other devices (seems like it is a clone of a ‘One for all’ even to the extent of using identical config steps

When I go into the Arcam device it should give me the option to swap 'IR Language 'but I don’t have that option listed.

I’ve emailed Logitech support as looks like the Code 19’s are missing from the dBase.

Not sure about the Cambridge CNX V1 and if it’s the same, but i have had the CNX V2 for a couple of weeks now and it operates the volume control on my 52 and Muso perfectly.

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Thanks for the reply.

I managed to speak to Logitech and get the Code 19 language into their dBase so I’m all sorted know.

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