Control Uniti via Browser (in addition to app)

Is it possible to control the Uniti (Atom) via IP on your browser in times when your phone is on its charging cradle?

I did not succeed (I know the IP, but maybe a different port is required)?

No, you can only run the app on iOS or Android devices. You could, if you really want to, probably use , for example, an Android emulator to run it on a computer.

It used to be possible with the older servers like HDX and UnitiServe, but unfortunately not on the newer platform …

Yes! this is exactly what I wanted :slight_smile:

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The older UQ2/SU streamers seem to have a web server too but it doesn’t do anything other than show some basic information at the index page. Is there another URL I should be trying?

Did you try the ‘booklet’-symbol, just left of the ‘folders’-symbol? This should give you access to much more menu-items, which are normally also available via the Settings-icon in the Naim-app! Success …

I’m pretty sure it only works on the current range of streamers.
There used to be a third party app called QuteControl that worked on OSX, although even if you can find it, I don’t know if it still works.

I’m really digging this webclient but i wasn’t too fond of the layout, so i decided to start styling it a bit myself:

Litemotiv, thx. looks good/better!
Is it possible to share this updated page-view?

Thanks Mike! It’s a work in progress, but you can use the styles if you want by installing the Stylus add-on in your browser:



and then copy the style rules from here:

If you want to use a background image instead of a solid background color you can enable that on line #78 by removing the /* and */, and adding them to the line below instead.


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Here is a screenshot with background image enabled:

Thx. I’ll give it a try … first have to figure out how to use these kind of styles in the Apple world (Mac-OSX) ? … any suggestion?

I believe these OSX apps should be able to allow something similar:

(I’m not sure if they are free to use or require a license…)

You can also install Firefox on OSX as an alternative which is a nice browser, but that might not be what you prefer at this stage…

litemotiv, thx .for your help … managed to get things working using Firefox for OSX.

As I’m not a web-programmer, two remaining questions:

  • Is there a way to have such an additional CSS-style sheet automatically loaded every-time I’m calling the webclient’s URL in my browser ?
  • Do you konw how to add the source-icon (f.i. the Qobuz-icon) in the sheet left part of the screen (see example iPhone screenshot vs. Firefore webbrowser screenprint) ?


Good to see you got it working Mike!

If you are using the Stylus plugin, when you copy in the styles you should be able to press Save in the top-left corner of the plugin screen for them to load automatically:

As far as i can tell at this point, the webclient doesn’t provide that information to the user interface, so it might be difficult to add that. I do agree that it would be nice to see the active library that is playing indicated…


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Super, thx. a lot.

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