control4 and unitilite

Hello, I was curious if anyone knows if the naim control4 driver is compatible with my unitilite?


I had never heard of this Naim product, which seems pretty niche, but anyway in the press release Naim said that it is compatible with the latest generation products, so that doesn’t include Unitilite I’m afraid.

“The Control4 driver works with all Naim products based on our unique, latest-generation music streaming platform: the Mu-so and Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation wireless speakers; Uniti Atom, Uniti Star and Uniti Nova streaming systems, and ND5 XS 2, NDX 2 and ND555 dedicated music streaming players. Further Naim products – including the Uniti Core music server – can also be integrated, offering the ability to rip and store music collections in flawless quality for playback through home installations.“

The original NaimNet stuff was supposed to be Control4 compatible. It was from these products that the 1st gen streamers and servers were developed, so I guess it’s conceivable that they could use it too. Not something I’ve ever tried, I think you would need to ask Naim Support.

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But if that were the case, then surely Naim’s press release (which I quoted above) would have said so?

I have no idea, I just know that the NaimNet stuff used to support Control4.

I’m not sure if relevant but I used to control my Superuniti using Control4 before I upgraded to a SuperNait3.
The SU was “old tech” and worked.

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It probably is relevant as the SuperUniti and Unitilite are similar in many respects and contemporaries of each other.

Mind you, the current version that is available for download is listed as supporting the new streamers. So iI think it’s an open question whether that (perhaps as distinct from an obsolete version) would work with SuperUniti or Unitilite.

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