Control4 & Naim N272 integration

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has integrated Control4 home automation with Naim pre-amps and what the options are to control a Naim N272 via home automation? Serial? IR? (if so please point me at codes)

I’m looking to be able to select inputs directly (not toggle) for uPnP & Theatre Bypass. In the case of listening to uPnP I’d ideally like the option of controlling volume up, down mute. I’m happy to use the Naim App for selecting music, etc. Basically I’m looking for direct IR codes for selecting these inputs and/or volume control or a serial control spec (by Naim) if that’s possible.

As context, I am using a N272 and Naim amp to listen to 2 channel music in my theatre and the analogue input in theatre bypass to power the two front speakers in a 7.2 system. Hence the need to toggle between uPnP (2 channel music and analogue input/bypass for watching movies).

@Richard.Dane I’ve seen you speak to topics like this (integrating Naim into theatres) in the past but haven’t found anything covering automation control (apologies if I’ve missed it if covered previously).


Scott, the NAC-N272 can be wired up for remote operation and has 3.5mm remote in and out socketry. Your dealer can get the remote RC5 code sets from Naim.

Thanks Richard. I will do that for remote codes.

I gather that IP control is not open / available on the N272?

AFAIK, only via the Naim App.

Thank you!

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