Controlling a ND5XS2

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I have already read several threads about the absence of a remote control for the ND5XS2 but want to make sure I fully understand the issue.
Apart from the absence of a remote control, is my understanding correct that the ND55XS2 does not include a remote input at all (either IR or Zigbee) and cannot be controlled with an existing, e.g. NARCOM remote control but only via the app? I am only interested in basic controls like play, pause, skip fwd/backwards.

Using Roon and the Deep Harmony extension seems to be a workaround but that would only work within Roon.

Maybe I am getting old, but I find it really inconvenient to have to pick up a phone/tablet for basic operation of a source.


You can enable system automation and connect a 3,5mm cable between your amp and streamer and use your xs2 remote and your phone/tablett to control your nd5xs2.

Edit: i may be wrong about the pause/play on the remoteā€¦checking now :slight_smile:

It seems the pause / play is just for cd players as it switches to the cd input when pressing the buttons.
So i fear you will be limited to the volume control if using the Narcom Remote.

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Thanks for looking into this. I believe system automation allows you to change the volume from the app.
But using the remote control for basic operation of the streamer does indeed not seem to be possible.

It seems to me using the remote control for controlling hifi is a dying art, or at least naim gear.

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