Controlling Atom connected to Arcam surround receiver

When watching TV, I have an Arcam surround receiver to do the digital-to-analog conversion and power the center channel, and then send the left/right channels to my Uniti Atom via preouts.

Right now, this means that to watch TV I have to turn the Atom on separately from everything else. Is there any way to avoid that (and thus reduce effort and remotes I have to fiddle with)? That is, when the Arcam receiver goes on, just have it auto-turn-on the Atom?


No there isn’t, I use mine in the same way.

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If you use Sky Q, go into the remote control settings:-

Settings> Setup> Remote Control> Control a speaker system

Choose Arcam and follow the menus. I have an audio system and an Anthem AV Receiver, and this works.

You can also use the menu above to control your TV.

If you don’t use Sky, I’m unsure what the options are.

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Doesn’t solve the op’s question at all though as it can’t control the Atom as it’s a zigbee remote and arc isn’t used.

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