Controlling ND5 XS 2 with Logitech Harmony

Just received my ND5 XS 2, now trying to integrate it into my living room infrastructure. Can anybody tell me if it is possible to control the ND5 XS 2 with the Logitech Harmony Remotes? Or is the Naim App the only way?

Any hints?


Unless you have a Logitech Harmony that uses the Harmony Hub, then, no you can’t control it with a Logitech Harmony. However if you have a Harmony Hub then in theory you can use that, but you’ll have to programme the control codes yourself.

No it won’t work at all. The new streamers use ZigBee to control not infra red.

Even the harmony hub won’t work as it does not use ZigBee only it, bluetooth and network control. You can get an add-on which adds ZigBee but is not available outside of US and may or may not work anyway.

If you are a Roon user and have a Harmony Hub then there is a user developed plugin to Roon that allows the hub and remote to control it. I use this on my Atom and works well. But if you don’t use Roon already your out of luck and stuck with the Naim App.

I’m not sure that’s necessarily an issue, as the new streamers do have an IR out socket on the back, intended more for system automation use, but I imagine it could be made to work with the Harmony Hub that Xanthe mentions.

I forgot about the system integration, but still cant see how the hub would help in this situation though.

Hey Guys! Thank you for your replies and sorry for my late response - our family vacation just started…

My use case is quite simple, i thought. For best sound quality i want to connect my TV (and Blu-Ray Player etc) via digital input to the streamer and on starting the Harmony TV action (or Blu-Ray action etc.) the input on the streamer should be switched accordingly. At the moment this is solved by switching analogue inputs on my Nait XS-2 which works as intended with the Harmony Remote.

I have a Harmony Hub, so maybe the Harmony Extender with ZigBee Support is worth a try. But it sounds like a lot tinkering… Any hints on how to find out the necessary ZigBee commands?

I have Roon running with the Deep Harmony Extension which let’s me control music playback on the streamer. That’s working fine, too.

Right now I have no idea what’s control option would be possible via the RC5 input on the streamer and amp. Anyone?

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