Controlling Uniti Atom with home theatre bypass

I recently bought an Arcam AVR390 surround receiver and am using it alongside my Uniti Atom via the Home Theatre Bypass feature for watching movies and TV, so I get a center channel. (If this sounds nutty vs. just using the Arcam for everything, it probably is; I just liked the Atom for music so much I couldn’t part with it.)

I’m trying to pare down the number of remotes involved and don’t see any obvious way for the Arcam, or a third-party universal remote, to turn on the Atom and set it to the analog input. Is there a way to do this?


You can only use the bundled remote or Naim app to change any settings. As it’s uses ZigBee not ir. I use my Atom in the same way as you and an older Arcam amp and just live with it.

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