Controlling Volume on headphone amp from NAC252

At the moment I run my Naim headphone amp off one of my outputs on my NAC 252. This passes a non-attenuated signal to the Headline that controls the headphone volume. I think all three NAC outputs are non-attenuated. The 252 has a Supercap power supply, linked to a NAP250.

I have a new (Stax) headphone amp that has the option of by-passing its own volume control. If I have the right cable, is there a way to output a signal to the Stax where the volume is controlled by the NAC252?

I’ve looked at the manuals and searched for an answer, but can’t make sense of what I’ve seen so far. Thanks

You could take a pre-out signal from the NAC252/Supercap - you have two left. Only thing I don’t know is whether it will in any way impact on performance. So keep the i/c short and low capacitance - the Naim lavender DIN4-RCA Phono would be good here.

Hi Richard - thanks. By pre-out - do you mean the additional signal outputs on the Supercap?

If so, and just thinking aloud here - but I guess that means it would be supplying the same attenuated signal to the power-amp and the headphone amp, so to mute the speakers, you’d have to turn off the power amp. I guess that would be why people run the headline of the pre-amp outputs, but these don’t allow volume control from the pre-amp.

Yes, correct. That’s why the headline has its own volume control and takes a fixed level signal from the record output of the preamp.

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