“Convenience” Streamer

I was on here years ago but got sidetracked…

Have more time now and have combined two systems into one, previously;

Vinyl - LP12/Ekos SE/Kandid/Lingo2/52/Scap/250/SL2

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Sidetracked again? :grinning:

…phone threw a fit on me!

To continue…

Second system; CDS2/XPS/52/Scap/250/SBL

Basically I’ve gone active with the SL2 system - there’s no room for the CDS2 (very tight for space) and I’m thinking of using a compact streamer (shoebox size) to enable me to listen to ripped CDs and streamed music on the same system.

Question is - is there anything out there that will sit on the same shelf (standard width Quadra) as a Snaxo and not sound horrible compared to the CDS2?


An Allo Digione and Chord Dac would definitely fit that spot and sound sublime with olive Naim amps.

I am only on 72/140 & Chord Mojo level, but I have heared some bigger Olive systems with Chord dacs and it works nice all the time.

It is a bit different than Naim digital stuff though.

The answer depends partly on what streaming sources you want to use, local streams from a server on your network, or web streams such as Tidal etc?
The obvious Naim source would be a Unitiqute but it’s not up to the same standard as the rest of your system. Chord DACs are nice and small, then you need to work out what to feed them.
An Innuos Zen Mini gives you a wide range of local and online streaming options.

Chord 2yu-2go into Chord DAC or Linn Selekt come to mind.

Many thx for the responses - I think that Zen would be ideal if it doesn’t sound too poor as it has a dac and onboard storage so Is a genuine one boxer - my main pleasure is vinyl so this is to provide access to CDs and streaming services - I’ll probably source another supply and power amp for the cds2 as it’s in my office so I’ll still have the pleasure!

My friend locally has a very similar vinyl setup to me - only difference is a keel/radikal on the lp12 (we both use prefixes) he also has a Klimax streamer which still doesn’t beat the lp12 so with my restricted space/budget I’m realistic about the Digital quality I’ll get…

I think the Zen Mini is a great box, but I admit I haven’t heard it via the built in DAC, only as a server. It has the advantage that if you add a streamer to your system at a later date, you can take the Zen off the rack and continue using it from any location on your network.

I think I’ll give the Zen a go, probably can’t hear one in these c19 times so I’ll just take the plunge and see :slight_smile:

You may be able to find a dealer who will let you gave one for home demo. I believe some dealers are doing this more now, as it’s the only way they can sell anything during lockdown.

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