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I’m generally a bit of a cable sceptic but now have Powerlines on all my boxes - they do make a difference. I found the poweramp to be most improved…


Thanks. I hadn’t realised that. It could be why
I prefer the HiLine

Now that I have the DIN cable in place between NDX2 and SN3 (removing the RCAs), the ground loop hum has gone. However, I’m using the standard power cables. If I swap either of them out for the Audioquest NRG-4, the hum returns. Am concerned this would be the case for a Powerline or alternative power cable. Appreciate there are grounding options on the SN3, I just thought I’d share my experience.

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That’s a bit odd, I wonder if it’s either some odd effect of the unusual construction of that Audioquest cable, or even a fault in it?
Is your NDX2 the only source connected to the amp, and what is the position of the ground switch on it?

Hi @ChrisSU, it is odd. The Audioquest works perfectly well with no fault and clearly better performance than the standard cable with my Nova. The NDX2 is the only source connected to the SN3. Both the NDX2 and SN3 have ground switch to default. The hum is significantly less when the Audioquest is attached to the NDX2 (almost acceptable level) but with the SN3 it would not be an acceptable level of hum. No cables touching, looping etc.

There should be no hum at all as I’m having the same electronics as you and use AQ monsoon on SN3.

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I guess there is a chance there is an issue with the AQ NRG-4 that the Nova is not showing up but the SN3 is…

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To update, I replaced the Audioquest NRG-4 power cable with a Pangea 14SE and tried on both the SN3 and NDX2 and the buzz has gone. Sounds good on the NDX2.

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Update on the interconnect. Witch Hat Morgana in place now between the NDX2 and the SN3. Not only has the hum completely gone, the detail, bass are better.

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