Copying files to a USB

It should be easy but i cannot work out how to copy music files from my Unitiserv to a USB.

I thought i might need to do that from my PC but all i get is a black screen when i type in the IP address. All other Naim devices come up when i type their IP!

The USB does not come up in file manager in Windows 11

Any thoughts would be welcome

Try and add the Unitiserve as a network drive on your PC?

Well I know what your problem is and the solution. You need SMB1 to be enabled in your windows 11 PC for it to be able to see the Unitiserve’s folders.

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Thanks, I am doing this now with a combination of the above. I have to put the USB into the computer as i cannot see it in file manager if plugged into the Unitiserv (although it appears in the app).
This seems a really labour intensive solution. I should, i would have thought, be able to create a specific music store and back that up to the USB. Maybe when i have a spare day i will try and figure it out

Don’t forget that the Unitiserve is basically just a windows XP computer running specific Naim software. So you might think you should be able to do something, but whether you can or not is all down to whether the people who wrote the software thought that was a requirement. Also when it was designed, a really big USB stick would have been 256 Mb or so. I guess that backing up to a USB stick would never have occurred to anyone as something that might be required one day.

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The Unitiserve automatic backup works well, but you need a NAS as the backup destination.
If you want to back up manually to a USB drive it’s a simple alternative, you just need to attach the drive to a computer as David says and copy the files across.

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