Core back-up query

First, please forgive my potential ignorance. I’ve backed up my Core onto a Toshiba portable 1GB drive. All looks good on the app. So, I thought I’d see if it can be used direct into my Nova to check songs are actually there. Nothing opens on the Nova. So, plugged it into my Mac and all the music it there to see and random play backs worked. Should I have been able to play through the Nova the same way, or am I missing something? Thanks for any advice offered.

I haven’t actually tried it, so I can’t be certain, but I think Naim products expect to see music files in the directories they expect to see them in. So I’m not surprised that your Nova can’t find files on a Core backup disc. You can’t for example take a USB disc with rips from a UnitiStar and plug that into a Nova. Well you can plug it in (!), but the Nova won’t recognise the files.

I think if you were to copy the files onto another USB disc and put them in a file called something non-specific, like music, and if you want to give the new disc a name, make it non-Naim like, you would probably find that did work in your Nova.

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I have the same issue if I understand your question.

I have a dedicated hd just for my Core backups. I have it specifically set up as “backup” in the Core settings.

When I plug the backup drive into one of the Core usb ports it’s contents doesn’t show up on the iPad screen for reply or just to check if it’s all backed up properly. But when plugged into a laptop it all shows up as you have found. I think it’s just the nature the Core’s way of backups if you choose it’s dedicated method.

Whereas, I have a third hd that hasn’t been formatted by the Core but with the music files “copied” to it. These do show up when plugged into the Core’s usb port.

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I think that is indeed the same issue. All perfectly normal.

If it’s a backup, presumably it would just show up duplicates of everything, which would be pointless!

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