Core backing up too many files

I periodically backup my Core after downloading or ripping new music. I do two backups; one to a Synology NAS and one to a removable USB hard drive.

I am not having any problems with the USB hard drive and had not been having any with the NAS. However the Core now wants to backup some 140+ files every time even though it is completely backed up already. I have checked that the files are not being duplicated in the NAS but it spending an awful lot of time doing whatever it is doing.

Any ideas for a cause or cure?

Assuming you have tried a full power off restart of your Core and it still exhibits this behaviour then it would be worth reporting this to Naim support as I know the developers had been looking at a similar report to this during beta testing (but I don’t know where they got to in fixing it).



Thank you David. I have tried a full power off restart but it still persists. I will report it.

Mine seems to do the same…but don’t think it Actually is backing them all up again…it just flicks over them …so it hasn’t bothered me

I think I agree. I don’t think it is backing them up again but it takes an awful lot of time not doing it! Because I have to change settings on the NAS before and after the backup, it is a bit of a bore.

It’s not working as it should, so please do report it.



Hi David,

Agreed - it has been reported (on Friday I think it was).


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