Core Backup Files and Transfer to Other Gear

Could someone inform me, regarding a backup HD from Core - can the backup HD files ie. RIPS & D/L files be transferred to a HR music player/mini SD card using a laptop without issue.
Not being completely computer savvy, I am concerned that the files may not be readable due to the backup hard drive being “formatted” for the Core, before its initial use as a back up. Basically does the formatting of HD limit the use of these stored files?
Assume it can be achieved?
Could you just load say the whole of the CD & D/L folder for transfer or would you highlight the individual music files for transfer? Again I assume for ease of use it would have to be the individual music file? Thanks

If the Core rips are saved as FLAC they’ll be fine. If WAV, the metadata won’t be readable on most non-Naim devices so you’ll just get a very basic folder view.

I’ve done something like this with my portable music player (512 GB micro card). All my Core rips, except one or two are in WAV. Therefore the player does not show the artwork on the small display. The one ripped in FLAC does show (and on my laptop using a Windows player), which is encouraging.

Also, I picked any songs I thought I would have interest in playing in the car as I had plenty of room on the player. My player can shuffle play the whole volume (several thousands. Core limits to 500 or so).

A topic on the Streaming thread entitled “Lessons learned while ripping cd’s via Naim Uniti Core” (posted recently) may be useful to you.

Using information from this posting I may convert a second backup of my WAV files to flac so artwork is visible in a non Core setting. A little involved, but I may give it a go.

All my music was ripped either to ALAC or AIFF. These days I rip exclusively to AIFF since the cost of storage is so inexpensive. FYI AIFF is Apple’s version of WAV but has complete metadata support, unlike WAV which can be flaky

If you’ve read the post thoroughly you will no doubt have noticed that SongKong is unusual (possibly unique) in that it can convert Naim WAV rips to FLAC without losing the metadata. Many have fallen into this trap in the past, mistakenly thinking that any of the many converters out there would do. All the earlier Naim rippers (NS01, HDX, Unitiserve) could convert between WAV and FLAC too. Why this function wasn’t offered on the Core too is something of a mystery.

Thanks for reply - My files are saved as FLAC because of possible Metadata issues down the line.

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