Core connecting to internet

About to buy a Core but just found out it needs a cable connection to a router. This is not feasible in our house arrangement. However, I see on-line you can buy a plug in extender type device that has an ethernet socket. Could this type of thing be that I need, or am I barking up the wrong tree? Thanks for any advice.

If you mean a thing that plugs into the mains socket, these are a seriously bad idea, as they can introduce noise into the mains, which is very much not good for your lovely Naim system. A Core needs to be properly wired to the router.

On the subject of the Core, what exactly are you trying to achieve? Are you aware that you can’t just buy it, rip CDs and then play them? You’d also need a streamer or a DAC.

Thanks, it will be connected to my Nova. I’d just wrongly assumed that these Uniti boxes are all wireless connectable to the net.

If you have a dedicated electrical line for hi-fi, a pair of Powerline ethernet adapters (not to be confused with Naim Powerline power cables) will work, without the potential ‘noise’ affecting sound quality (assuming your router is not connected to the same dedicated hi-fi line).

You can get a pair from t’Bay for around £20 - usually with 2m lengths of Ethernet cable. They take less than 5 minutes to install (assuming pre-paired).

If you don’t have a dedicated electrical line - still worth a try. You might not notice any extraneous noise affecting sound quality.

I currently have a pair of adapters providing an Ethernet connection to my Atom, whilst waiting for an electrician to provide a quote for a dedicated line. It’s not having a noticeable affect on sound quality, and if it is, it’s still acceptable whilst I wait.

Servers (like the Core) need a network connection to your streamer, not a direct connection, so there is no need to put them close to your HiFi system. It can be in any location as long as it has a connection to your home network, so it’s possible to put it near your router where an Ethernet cable connection it possible.

There is an argument that says it is better to put a server in a location that is well away from your HiFi, but of course, when it comes in a fancy Naim box that costs a lot of money people tend to put them on display.


What you may be missing is that you can put this UnitiCore anywhere. It doesn’t need to be near your other Naim kit. So you could put it, like I do actually, right next to your router. And plug the Ethernet cable into your router. 0.5m ought to be plenty long enough!

Then you use upnp over your WiFi network. It just works with the current Naim products.


Noted thanks, but unfortunately, the Core can not physically get near our router even if I wanted it to.

Excuse my ignorance - why would I need a pair and not just one? Thanks

Obviously I don’t know your exact circumstances but agree with others that the Core can be parked anywhere. You need Ethernet connection to hub but can use WiFi to your streamer which is what I do. Best bit of kit I’ve ever bought btw.

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One at each end. One you connect to your router and the other you connect to your streamer. They talk to each other over the mains power wiring.

They are not recommended for high quality audio applications because they don’t always work well, but it can be a way forward if you have no other choices.

You need a pair, as they communicate with each other over mains electricity.

In a spare port on your router, connect one of the Powerline adapters via Ethernet, plug it into a spare electrical socket, and switch it on.

The other Powerline adapter, connect to your Core via Ethernet, plug it into a spare electrical socket, and switch it on. Give it a minute to establish a connection to the router connected Powerline (depending on make and model, it will give some visual feedback to show this has happened).

Connect to your Core via the Naim app - all done.

Would one of these do the job in place of power line adaptor? Thanks

Looks like it should.

My requirements were simple, so have used both of these:

D-Link DHP-300AV and DHP-P610AV

Both easily met speed requirements; the latter model listed has a plug socket pass through (so I could plug my floor lamp into it).

Hi, you can buy an access point wifi that is configurable in Client Mode, so as a client of your Wi-Fi network. Doing this, you can just plug the ethernet cable on your Core and you have done. No extender please…

Oh, what’s the problem with an extender in layman terms please.

I don’t know why your router is so inaccessible and maybe you have no choice, but couldn’t you ask your internet provider to reposition the router somewhere more convenient?

I have a Core and a Nova and have it it directly plugged into the router in my current setup 9 (new condo). In our previous home I had it plugged into a device that plugged into the mains socket. Both setups worked well. I did not notice any noise distortion in casual listening.

I really like the Core/ Nova combination plus Tidal and a turntable in my case. I burned and retired about 1500 CD’s and love the convenience.

Connecting a device or a part of the network through a Wi-Fi extender or PowerLine extender should be avoided at all costs for the following reasons:

  • Wi-Fi extenders create noise on the Wi-Fi channel, disrupting the work of primary Access Points. They usually amplify the noise and do not have optimal performance like a Mesh Access Point or one connected via ethernet (the better solution).
  • PowerLine extenders introduce issues into the network and have very inconsistent performance, often creating micro interruptions that are difficult to identify and diagnose.

For this reason, if possible, it is always advisable to use Access Points in Client Mode to connect ethernet devices. Alternatively, replace existing Access Points with good quality mesh versions (the better solution than extenders and PowerLine but worse than an Access Point in Client Mode).

Bear in mind the extenders also need ethernet, one to plug into the router one ot plug into the core.

The OP is talking about a wi-fi extender that plugs into the mains for power, but receives a wireless wi-fi signal and then outputs through an Ethernet port, it’s not an Ethernet over mains device. The wi-fi extender would work fine with a Core as long as the wi-fi signal is solid.