Core died or has it?

Strange behaviour today, whilst copying some files across today the Core would only show A&B listed artists on my Mac.

I did the standard unplug Core, disconnect everything including router. Then the Core wouldn’t show up on Mac network but showed up on the app.

When viewing via the app it stated there were no music on it…so I went and looked at the music library, the HDD stated it was double the size and unpartitioned…so I have set about partitioning it…what has happened? Too close to full? Plus when rebooting the core it made some computer type noises I had not heard before…Anybody know what the issue could be?

@davidhendon to rescue is asked :smile:

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Indeed, now it’s a case of lights on and nobody in (not showing on the app)

The last time that happened to me, it took around 4 days before the Core showed up on my Mac Finder and the App displayed the contents of my NAS. Up till then, when I tapped on Artists or Albums, etc on the App, nothing was displayed.

I’m not sure that FR’s confidence in me is entirely justified. I haven’t heard of this problem before.

How full was the Core hard disc? It gets a bit unreliable once you are up to 90% full or so.

I don’t know about the computer type noises either. You only have the hard disc and the CD drive in there and a relay or so. The CD drive normally does a couple of typical noises on start up but the hard disc should be more or less silent.

I am worried as well by you playing around with the partition size on the hard disc. You may have to start again, to be honest.

I am wondering about a hard disc failure. You could see whether the Core can index a share and whether if you put the hard disc onto an external pc it can be read. But the fact that the app can see the Core but not see the music does feel like an HD failure.

One other thing to try is a Core factory reset. If you don’t know how to do that J can tell you.


I have read you helping a lot of members about the Core problems, many times.
If it’s hdd failure, it will be easy to replace it hopefully. And no need to send to Naim.

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Thanks David, think I’ll go down the factory reset route before ordering a new HDD. Can you let me know how to reset?

If I need to get a replacement would this one fo the trick? Seagate 3 TB SkyHawk 3.5 Inch Internal Hard Drive for 1-64 Camera Surveillance Systems (256 MB Cache, Up to 180 MB/s, Model:

You do a factory reset by taking the power off completely, holding in the front panel power/standby button and connecting/switching the power on again. Keep holding the button in until the light by the front panel LED has flashed. Then you can let go of the power button and let it finish starting up.

You have to go into setup next and select the music store (which is where the Core saves its own rips). Then it should be ready for you.

That HD you suggest should be ok.



Thanks David will give that a go shortly…the HDD was getting pretty full, so have ordered 3tb HDD. Thankfully I have multiply back ups (3) plus the original discs if needed…

Good! I didn’t like to ask about backups. The fact the HD was getting full could be the reason for the issue. If you can mount the old HD onto a PC or whatever, then you could delete the things you added recently and you might find it comes good, depending whether you have messed it up by playing with the partitions. This deleting some music by mounting the HD on a PC did work for another Core owner I advised a while back, who suddenly had inexplicable problems when he inadvertently imported the contents of a relatively vast NAS onto his Core download folder and overflowed the internal drive!



Interestingly the Core now shows up on the app, music status still zero.
Core shows on network (on Mac) but shows as connection failed, when I click connect it, I can either connect as guest, when doing this comes up as failed or as registered user, this needs a password, however, I don’t recollect setting this up previously. Am I missing something or is it as simple that the HDD is broken therefore nothing to connect to?

Probably it’s as you say. You shouldn’t need a password.

You could test the hypothesis by putting a USB stick in the front panel USB socket and then define that as your music store, which will also involve formatting it, so it needs to be empty. Can you now rip to it and play anything on it?

That’s probably because you partitioned the disk, which effectively deletes all the contents. If it were a Windows system I’d have CHKDSKed it first - no idea what the MAC equivalent is - no point after a repartition though.

As @davidhendon says, it’s likely the disk has failed. I hope I’m wrong.

David (yes, another one)

So…stuck a USB in and was able to rip to and play…just need to check if this allows the Mac to connect. Thanks David, from David!

It didn’t partition, I think it’s gone to HDD heaven…

Well if it’s just a dead HDD and you have backups then you have got off lightly and it also shows the advantage of Core over Unitiserve because for the latter a failed HDD is a return to Salisbury, £350 or so repair fee and a wait of a month after they reopen the service department (and your dealer has to be open too of course).



True, the US hard drive holds the OS as well as your data, and if it dies, it’s back to Naim for a fix. On the plus side, the automatic backup on the US has to be to a NAS, not just a USB drive. With a server installed on the NAS, you can immediately use that while the US is out of action, so access to your music is not lost.

Core is now viewable on Mac now it has a working music disk

Thankfully one of my back ups is on a NAS so can still play via this or plug in a USB. Will be interested in how well / quick the restore from back up facility works…