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I have two uniti cores (UC1 & UC2); one in the apartment and one in the cottage. I have taken the Samsung SSD out of UC1 and placed it into UC2 but UC2 does not show the music that was ripped on UC1.

Are there any suggestions as to how I might be able to use the SSD from UC1 in UC2?

I know it can be done as i used to take my Core hard drive to my dealer for demo,s……first time they found like you nothing to play. A quick call to Naim and something was reassigned and it loaded up the music. Unfortunately i was chatting and drinking coffee and did not pay attention.
Perhaps @davidhendon can help.

What you have to do is to put the hard disc into the other Core and then assign it as a Music Share in that Core setup menu under “Manage Music”, unless you want to rip to it, in which case you would have to assign it as the Music Store, but not agree to format it obviously.

The reason for this is that the two disc drives look the same to you, but they have different identities and the Core needs to be told what to do with the interloper!

Edit: Or if UC2 never had an internal SSD or HDD, you still need to tell it what to do with the drive from UC1 that you are now putting in it.




Daer Gazza and David : thank you very much for the assistance. It WORKED but there were a few small kinks worth reporting… in truth some of these might be due to my own driving with a “P” plate on computer audio.

Interestingly the core was not able to see the new SSD as a share but it did see it as a store and so I elected a store being careful NOT to reformat the disk.

Second, once I have elected the store, my app did not see the music on it even after I refreshed the app… Hmmmmm… so I ripped a disk to the new store and then PRESTO ! everything was visible and the store is working perfectly in its new home.

Thank you

Glad it all worked out and always good to hear feedback on what workedđź‘Ť

Glad it all worked out. Interesting that it wouldn’t see the SSD as a share.

I think the reason it didn’t show the music right away was because the Core had to index the files in the store. This takes a few minutes, depending how many you have there. A reindex should kick off on its own within a minute or two, but ripping something certainly would make it start a reindex.

Anyway thanks for the feedback. It’s always useful to get it.



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