Core Downloads Metadata - formation and amendment

Another issue with downloading Zip files, not associated with extraction this time but the way the files have been arranged. I have purchased at considerable discount a HR D/L of Beethoven Symphonies 1-9. The listing of Symphonies are not in order - unclear if due to recording date or what. In addition Symphonies 6 and 9 are split across the zip files, again odd. The HR D/L Company receives the D/L in these Zip files from the record label and have said that they cannot modify them. They are moving away from Zip files - I wonder why!
They did suggest:
“Unfortunately the only option is for you to re-do the folders to make them neat and tidy if you would prefer one folder per symphony in the order 1-9, but the metadata tags on the files themselves should be right, regardless of all the other information given. Please advise if these are wrong as then something else may have happened and they will need to investigate this.”
Question Using laptop, can I construct a folder and just copy and paste the Symphonies in correct order, or does the Metadata link at the very top of the folder chain?
Regarding the Symphony split issue, I expect I would need to use Meta data tag program. Hoping the three (extracted) folder indexing will be obvious once opened up. Assume the address for the odd (spilt) tracks can be re-allocated into the next folder. Track number remaining the same.
I am not an experienced user of the Meta data program and will need to find my way around
again, so not looking forward to this exercise! Information appreciated, but you may suggest re-downloading from another supplier for a quieter life!

If you are going to download albums it’s pretty much essential to have a good metadata editor loaded on your computer. You can then set genre, get the cover art you want, and set titles etc. dbpoweramp is very good and quite easy to get to grips with. Download to the computer, sort the metadata and then copy to the downloads folder in your Core.

The key thing is to understand the total disconnect between file names / structure and metadata. It’s the metadata that determines what you see in the Naim app. You could call a file cabbage and it wouldn’t make the slightest difference to how the album is displayed in the app.

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