Core fails log-ins to NAS every 30 seconds - Why?

With 2 QNAP NAS’s - one has music folders, the other backs up everything in sight.

My Core happily sees all the music folders on the first NAS, but continually (every 30 seconds) logs into the backup NAS - the logins fail. The NAS logs “Naim login fail (SAMBA)”

The Core is on, login credentials used by the Core are - user= Naim, password=(this user’s password).

Where would you go looking to discover what’s wrong?

  • Sensible answers appreciated
  • Amusing answers also appreciated (I could do with a smile)
  • Downright sarcastic answers - you obviously think like me - it’s a cross we have to bear.

Thanks in advance.

And it’s always done this or it’s a new problem?

It’s been doing it for 2 or 3 months as far as I know, David. But I can’t pin it down to a particular release of either Core firmware or QNAP firmware since it’s something I hadn’t noticed until one day the QNAP wanted to know if it should delete or file the 10,000 entry log !

I’ve not heard of any problem like this but I guess your setup isn’t the commonest. Naim is likely to be interested in this issue so I suggest you contact Naim support. Do let us know how you get on and maybe we can pursue it in the beta group as a Core share problem.



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