This might be the wrong place to suggest this but it would be a help if this was in the FAQ section as this question seems to crop up fairly regularly.

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I use a spare desktop HDD Toshiba P300 with my core with no noise or heat issues.
Naim previously recommended surveillance HDDs, i considered to buy one but at the end i preferred the old “free” spare Toshiba i had. Is nowadays Naim recommends NAS drives previously i think were described as not optimal?

I think P300 is what I use too. I’ve just put my hand in the Core and it’s actually quite cold - albeit I’ve been out sawing all afternoon so it has been in standby.

Currently ripping my collection to an old U/S … dreading the moment when I realise why everyone has moved to Cores! Ah well, it’ll hit me in due course I guess. Sawing … good stuff … (my Huskie XP will be in action this weekend).

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